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Watch every episode of The Strategic Thinker, a web series created by the Spark leadership team with insights and strategies for running a highly profitable dental organization.

This series is designed specifically for executives of group dental practices and DSOs to increase the value of the dental enterprise.

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How to Maximize New Team Member Performance


Hiring and training new employees is always costly. In addition, research shows that employees are more likely to leave in the first few months of employment than they are later down the road. Team members with a longer tenure tend to stay put and perform better. So, how do you get people to stay through those first pivotal months and get up to speed quickly?

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Embezzlement is Common in Dentistry, Here’s How to Spot It and Prevent It


Experts estimate that more than 40% of practices are embezzled and we’ve seen losses stack up well into the 6 figures. It’s important to have systems in place to prevent embezzlement and alert you when it’s occurring in your practice. 

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Dental Teams Often Struggle with Change (Here's How to Make it Easier)


Change is constant, especially in growing organizations, so it’s important to acknowledge the challenges and clearly communicate the benefits of the change to all involved. In this week’s episode of The Strategic Thinker, Spark co-founder Heather Driscoll is sharing a process dental leaders can use to make change easier for dental teams. Watch now to learn how you can smoothly make changes in your organization.

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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Dental Practice


Acquiring a dental practice is an exciting growth opportunity, but there are 3 important areas to consider to be sure you’re making a smart business decision. In this week’s episode of The Strategic Thinker, Dr. John Meis is joined by finance expert Drew Schaefer to unpack the biggest missteps in dental acquisitions and what to look for when vetting potential purchases. Watch this episode before you move forward with an acquisition to make sure you’re not overlooking any of these common red flags.

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Here’s Why Your Team Isn’t Consistent with Their Tasks


Consistency is crucial for success. That advice is absolutely everywhere. But, why aren’t people consistent? Particularly in organizations, tasks that should be done on a regular basis often aren’t. Spark leaders Heather Driscoll and Melissa Thomas talk about why consistency suffers and how to fix this by reducing cognitive load. Watch now to learn how to actually get things done consistently in your practices.

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