Inside the Spark Dental Network

Here you can read stories from Spark members, learn about the atmosphere, and discover if the Spark executive dental network is right for you.

A glimpse inside the executive network

"I grew from four to eleven practices, and went from $6 million in revenue to $17 million in annual revenue.

I have a superb executive leadership team. Each of my eleven practices are smooth-running with excellent management, no chaos, and happy patients."

Dr. Jeffrey Burch, Rockford, IL

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The Spark Atmosphere

Picture yourself stepping into an upscale hotel meeting room…it’s nice, but not ostentatious.

You’re greeted with welcoming smiles and handshakes by a diverse group of about a dozen people. Some are seated around the conference table. Others are helping themselves to coffee and refreshments, all of them, however, are chatting pleasantly. After a few minutes of casual who’s-who and what do you do conversation, you surmise you’re in a room with people that are your colleagues, cohorts, and peers.

Congratulations, you’ve just found yourself in one of our quarterly Spark meetings.

What you don’t yet know, is that all of these people were once right where you are now in your businesses. They had hit a ceiling of complexity and needed help to grow past it. They came here to experience the same kinds of personal and professional break throughs you’re seeking.

There are people in the room who have solved some of the challenges you are facing and others who are in very similar positions as you. The common thread is that everyone is quickly progressing past whatever is holding them back, the very things that are holding you back now.

What will soon become obvious to you is how everyone in this room “gets” each other.

This is a place where you don’t need to explain or justify your frustrations, fears or struggles to this group. They all understand what it’s like to feel the way you do. What’s more, they all are incredibly enthusiastic about being in this room and finding solutions together.

Spark accelerates the growth of group practices and minimizes the frustration, complexity and potential capital they need to reach their goals. We're proud to say that group meetings deliver such amazing results that members have a hard time leaving.

In fact, the average length that participants remain as members is 5 years.

This is because each doctor and individual in the group has a true interest in helping each other. We take our Spark atmosphere very seriously and only include highly ambitious, generous, and authentic leaders. Because of the strength and smarts of the community, everyone is able to quickly accelerate their progress in reaching their goals.

"When I first met Dr. Meis, I had four practices and wasn’t even breaking even. Dr. Meis evaluated the practices, and then made a series of recommendations to cut cost and improve the bottom line. Under his guidance we have made great strides.

We now own six practices, each is highly profitable."

Dr. Ray Nikodem, St. Louis, MO


One of the most immediate results of the Spark network is relief...

When people come to Spark, it’s because they are stuck. They’re blocked from getting to the next level. They are looking for solutions, and when you come to find yours, that’s exactly what you will get.

You’ll walk away from every Spark meeting with the relief of knowing your next step and feeling confident in your ability to get there quickly.

More Money Coming in the Door

An immediate priority in Spark is profitability. When your organization generates more money, planning for growth and improvement gets much easier. With more cash comes greater opportunities and more avenues for expansion. You'll leave every meeting knowing exactly what to do to bring in more money to your organization.

Far Fewer Management Headaches

What if your team could largely manage themselves?

One of our biggest goals at Spark is to alleviate your complexity of management with our clear, simple processes. Instead of spending a large portion of your time managing others and putting out fires, you can feel comfortable delegating tasks and instead focus on big-picture priorities that move the entire enterprise forward.

"When I first met Dr. John Meis, I had a small practice with two treatment rooms.

Fast-forward to today, I have 10 practices, all busy and I work eight days a month.

I spend the rest of my time sailboarding, skiing, and bike riding. And yes, I am still buying practices, and will occasionally sell one to fund new growth."

Dr. Bret Tobler, Hawaii

Get "unstuck" quickly

Hitting a plateau in dentistry is normal...

But, staying stuck there can be extremely costly.

Not only does it stall profitability and expansion, but it puts everything on hold. And, problems within an organization are rarely confined to one area, they leak out into all areas of the business if they aren't resolved.

Don't stay stuck on a problem for more than a day.

In business, momentum is crucial. Staying stuck can not only drain your resources, but can destroy your energy, your confidence, and even the strength of your team. Spark is designed to make sure you don't spend time stuck on a problem, but can move through it quickly.

While many executive stay stuck and frustrated, your network of coaches, consultants, and industry leaders can provide the experience and strategy to move forward quickly.

"Northcutt Dental in Alabama has expanded from one to six practices in the past seven years.

Our journey of growth started soon after we met Dr. John and Heather while visiting Mortensen Family Dental in Kentucky.

We were introduced to Spark and quickly realized that if we wanted to continue to grow our organization, Spark would be a vital part of the process.

Dr John and Heather have both been a huge support system with the seemingly incessant questions we had about where to start as a small DSO. They continue to challenge us quarterly at Spark meetings as we continue to grow both personally and professionally.

What I love the most about Spark’s environment is that you are surrounded by several other group practices that are either going through what you’re going through, or have been through it before, sharing their insight and experiences with us. The knowledge that we gain from these meetings is quickly put into practice when we return home.

Dr. John and Heather both are so good at pulling out the best in people and equipping them with the necessary leadership skills to continue growth and advancement.

We are currently expanding our hours at our Hoover location to Monday thru Saturday 7:30am to 7:30pm.

This will be a huge challenge, but just knowing we have the Spark team’s support makes us excited for the future!"

Christen Lisenby, Northcutt Dental Practice, AL

Camaraderie & Answers

Most people believe their problems are more unique than they really are.

Being immersed in a network of peers helps you to realize that your problems are not only more common than they seem, but also very solvable.

If you're going through a challenge, chances are there are at least a few people in Spark who've been through it before and can offer very specific insights and solutions.

Clear answers replace trial-and-error.

So many executives feel the pressure to solve all of an organization's problems alone. This is not only stressful, but costly to the company. The far better (and cheaper) route is to reach out for guidance from the leaders in the field. Spark gives dental executives that network so decisions are faster, better, and the whole organization can move forward more easily.

Click here to read a note from one of our coaches Dr. Jason Howell on how the camaraderie in Spark is a game changer for dental executives.

"We started working closely with Dr. Meis in 2012. At the time, our practice was small, occupying 2000 square feet with three treatment rooms…

By 2015, we had expanded to occupy from 2000 to 7500 square feet.

Today, we have 60 employees, 17 operatories that stay booked weeks in advance and generate $10 million in revenue from our single location."


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Accelerated Growth

Leaps in knowledge = Leaps in revenue

This is a foundational principle of Spark. With more knowledge comes more opportunity for growth and increased revenue.

Understanding dentistry isn't enough. You have to learn the business inside and out.

Instead of learning slowly on your own through years of trial-and-error, learn from those who are farther along your path. Sharing business knowledge and best practices is the fastest way for executives to grow and increase in value.

There's no reason to do it all yourself - get advice from the very best and leap forward quickly.

"We have been with Dr. Meis’ group for a couple of months now,

and the first thing that we noticed was a double in hygiene production and definitely patient satisfaction."

Dr. Robert Branca, Long Island, NY

Join the Spark Dental Network

Spark is a curated private group of owners and leaders of group dental practices, who come together four times a year to collaborate in a safe, inspiring, and humbling way. Spark is an invitation-only group specifically tailored to help you grow your small to mid-sized dental groups or DSOs by a factor of 10x.

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