Dr. Jeffrey Burch

A Letter From Dr. Jeffrey Burch

Rockford, IL

"When I met Dr. John Meis, I had 4 practices. I was working six days a week. And, didn’t know how to scale. I needed someone to fill in the blanks.

I didn’t understand executive management. And, I didn’t know how to build a support team. But, I was smart enough to know I needed some help. That’s when I discovered Dr. Meis.

Over the next four years, thanks in large measure to Dr. Meis’ wisdom and guidance, I grew from four to eleven practices, and went from $6 million in revenue to $17 million in annual revenue."

"I have a superb executive leadership team. Each of my eleven practices are smooth-running with excellent management, no chaos, and happy patients.

Each of my eleven practices are two to three times larger than the closest competitor, which is another way of saying my practices, none of which were dominate when I acquired them, now DOMINATE their market areas.Dr. Meis’ teaching and guidance played a big role in making this happen.

My plans are to keep opening offices. And, keep helping people by delivering excellent dentistry, and excellent patient care.

Some doctors have told me they think it’s too risky to open a second, or third or fourth practice. And, that’s when I tell them the story I’m about to share with you."

"Not that many years ago my specialty practice, the one that struggled or failed based on referrals, almost failed when the doctor who sent 30% of my business, sold his practice to a DSO and moved on.

I was not prepared for that kind of gut punch. It hurt. But I’m not one to whine and cry. So instead of feeling defeated, I made up my mind to solve the problem once and for all.

My solution was simple... I would simply BUY general practices and lock in the referral to my specialty practice.

Knowing next to nothing about how to do that, I got started, and did well. The referral part was excellent. Each practice I bought became a DEPENDABLE source of referrals to my specialty practice. Soon enough, my specialty practice was booked solid and stayed that way.

But, by the time I bought my fourth general practice, I was working all the time.

And, realized there were a LOT of things I didn’t know. Fortunately, that’s when I met Dr. Meis, who helped solve all the problems and made the journey from owning four practices to eleven seem easy."

"The moral of this story is simple...

As a doctor in private practice the BIGGEST risk you will ever face has nothing to do with making a calculated business decision like buying practices, or opening new ones.

The BIG RISK, the one that can kill your joy and leave you feeling out of step, out of time and alone, is NOT doing something to strengthen your position, so come what may, DSOs or anything else, your business stays strong, jobs are secure, and you are happy helping patients and building a fortune in your chosen profession.

Dr. Meis has played a huge role in helping make this happen for me."


Dr. Jeffrey Burch

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