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Resources for Group Dental Practices and DSOs

The Spark Team regularly creates articles and videos with advice, tips, and resources on how to operate and grow successful group dental practices and DSOs. Here you can find all of our content.

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3 Steps for Building a Strong Dental Team

Having the right team members is essential when running a successful dental group practice or DSO. While it can be tempting to hire quickly to fill positions and meet patient demand, hiring without a careful eye can be detrimental in the long run. Failure to have a recruiting, onboarding, and training process that delivers enough capable people is a weakness that has affected many dental organizations. Developing this process is one of the core competencies of any dental practice, and its importance is multiplied in a DSO. Here are 3 steps for building this process in your office..

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How to Take Advantage of the Data Available to Your Practice

It’s vital for dental practices to take advantage of the ridiculous amount of information available through software. Here’s a list of our best tips for finding the most useful data points and using that information to make better decisions in your practice.

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How to Maximize New Team Member Performance

Hiring and training new employees is always costly. In addition, research shows that employees are more likely to leave in the first few months of employment than they are later down the road. Team members with a longer tenure tend to stay put and perform better. So, how do you get people to stay through those first pivotal months and get up to speed quickly?

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In Financial Reporting, Better Structure Leads to Better Decisions

As your organization grows, your reporting structure must evolve in order to provide meaningful, actionable information. There are 2 common ways financial reports tend to lose value as dental practices grow, through the depth of details and by reporting only for compliance and not usefulness. Here are some ways to clean up these reports so they can help you spot any issues, make better decisions, and move your practice forward.

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How Well Does Your Dental Practice Pivot?

Is it time to make a change? If you’re unable to pivot and maneuver changing circumstances in your dental practice, it’s almost impossible to reach your goals. You’ll end up stuck. So, it’s crucial to evaluate your organizational structure, systems, and processes in a way that will give you clear indicators of when you need to pivot those elements to achieve your goals. 

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