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Resources for Group Dental Practices and DSOs

The Spark Team regularly creates articles and videos with advice, tips, and resources on how to operate and grow successful group dental practices and DSOs. Here you can find all of our content.

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Are Your Financial Reviews Effective?

Are you communicating the right financial information to the right people in your organization? It doesn't make sense to share every financial document with every team member, so what should be shared in order to get the best results? It’s important to regularly evaluate your financial communication to ensure that you are getting the desired results.

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Here’s Why Your Team Isn’t Consistent with Their Tasks

Consistency is crucial for success. That advice is absolutely everywhere. But, why aren’t people consistent? Particularly in organizations, tasks that should be done on a regular basis often aren’t. Spark leaders Heather Driscoll and Melissa Thomas talk about why consistency suffers and how to fix this by reducing cognitive load. Watch now to learn how to actually get things done consistently in your practices.

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When to Consider Changing Your Dental Practice Management Software

Dental practice management software – you either love it or hate it. (And, sometimes both.) The fact of the matter is, your dental organization needs a practice management system to survive. So, when should you consider changing software? The first thing to ask yourself, and your teams, is whether or not you’re happy with your current system. There are definite pros and cons to every system, but here are some key questions to help you determine your level of satisfaction with the software.

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How to Plan and Budget for the Next Year of Business

When mapping out the year ahead, what comes first, a strategic plan or a budget? How do these tools impact performance? Who should be involved in creating them? And, how exactly do organizations design these plans to reach their biggest growth goals? Dr. John Meis and finance expert Drew Schaefer are answering all of your questions about strategic planning and budgeting for the next year in this episode of the Strategic Thinker.

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Are You Really Listening to Your Patients and Your Team?

Mastering the act of listening can dramatically improve your communication skills and strengthen your relationships. Listening should not be confused with hearing. Yes, it’s simple to hear what someone has to say, but are you opening your mind and truly listening? 

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