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Spark is an executive network designed specifically for owners of group dental practices and DSOs.

Running a single dental office is very different from running a larger multi-location, multi-doctor organization.

Spark is a high-level executive group built specifically to help this kind of dental CEO tackle problems, grow quickly, and increase in overall enterprise value.

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As dental organizations grow, complexity increases exponentially.

From production and revenue issues to management and culture chaos, running an organization like this tends to become very complex very quickly. As you are striving to hit the next growth level, these difficulties can seem overwhelming.

You may start to question your capabilities. You may begin to wonder if things are going to implode. You may even wish that you had not grown at all. But now it’s too late to turn back.

At this point, many practices hit a growth ceiling.

This combination of challenges often causes a stall in the growth of the business. Running the organization turns into a seemingly never ending series of issues. Executives spend time putting out these fires and resolving these daily problems and remain stuck at the same income level.

This pattern of putting out fires makes it almost impossible to grow and increase in value, keeping executives stuck and exhausted.

That’s Where Spark Comes In

At Spark, our curated private group of owners and leaders of group dental practices come together four times a year to collaborate in a safe, inspiring, and humbling way.

The idea and purpose behind Spark is to learn from those who have walked the path before you.

Spark saves you years of guess work by allowing you to learn from others who have already accomplished what you are now trying to accomplish for yourself. Spark has a proven track record of accelerating the growth of group practices and minimizing the frustration, complexity, and potential capital they’ve needed to reach their goals.

“The biggest challenge growth-focused dental groups face is the ability to grow their leaders as fast as they can find practice growth opportunities.”

Dr. john meis, founder of spark

Think of Spark as a group of leading dental executives that gives you solutions to these growth-related problems...

Whether you’re a dentist owned-and-operated single location, or you span multiple states and sites, the issues that slow and block your growth fall into the same categories.

You want to grow but you aren’t sure how.

You’re not sure where you stand financially, and this causes a great deal of anxiety.

You need better methods to negotiate with vendors.

You’re struggling to get your employees and doctors to think like you do.

You don’t know the secrets to produce a more productive staff or team.

You lack a simple method for talent development, training, and retention.

You find yourself experiencing leadership difficulty.

You notice that it’s harder to define and stick to a strategy.

You need better skills to be a good planner or strategist.

You find yourself struggling with chasing the “newest silver-bullet” (i.e. shiny object syndrome).

You or your team finds it hard to commit to a set of actions.

There are ongoing system failures.

You’ve tried what has worked in the past, but still don’t know how to drive up the enterprise value of your organization.

Regulatory “threats” are an ongoing source of concern that can easily derail your progress

These issues stifle your growth, cause frustration and more…

You are usually stuck dealing with them on your own, alone. The good news is you don’t have to be.

Spark was created for you to connect with people who have walked the path before you and who are open and real about their problems and solutions.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Through Spark, you’ll see your struggles are not unique – and you’ll find the solutions you need to grow your group practice.

"When I first met Dr. John Meis, I had a small practice with two treatment rooms.

Fast-forward to today, I have 10 practices, all busy and I work eight days a month.

I spend the rest of my time sailboarding, skiing, and bike riding. And yes, I am still buying practices, and will occasionally sell one to fund new growth."

Dr. Bret Tobler, Hawaii

4 Things Spark Will Ignite in You:


When people come to Spark, it’s because they are stuck. They’re blocked from getting to the next level. They are looking for solutions, and when you come to find yours, that’s exactly what you will get.

You’ll walk away from every Spark meeting saying “Now I got it. I was stuck here but now I know what to do.” And with every meeting, you’ll knock down another obstacle that was standing in your way.

Positive Confidence

Everybody comes out of Spark feeling better. This is by design. We spend a lot of time focusing on positives and progress.

And by discovering that other people have the same challenges and problems as you, you’ll be delivered from the tendency beat up on yourself or feel inadequate.

Mindset Shift

In dentistry, you work within four walls and are used to operating with one mindset.

Being exposed to how other people think about their businesses is really quite freeing. It makes you feel energized by being among others with a fresh perspective who can expose you to different ideas and thought processes.


By shifting how you’re thinking about your business, you’ll get a surprisingly clear picture of how you’re doing and where you stand.

You may not even be able to describe what was unclear before Spark, but by participating in the network, you’ll easily gain complete clarity about where you’re at and where you’re going.

Spark Meetings

The Spark Dental Network meets four times a year on a quarterly basis. Our members describe it as the perfect mix of coaching, masterminding, instructional presentations, education, and peer support.

Spark has been engineered to make a huge positive difference in both your personal and professional life. Each Spark meeting spans two full days, and there is an option to stay for a third, bonus day.

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